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In-Person Autographs & Photo Ops

RALPH MORSE joins us in a Private Signing from the U.K. as part of our “Return of the Jedi” 40th Anniversary Celebration!!! Ralph will be signing for us late-February/early-March 2024 at his agency in the U.K.

Ralph played several characters in “Star Wars” Universe! In "The Empire Strikes Back", Ralph was a Stormtrooper in several Bespin scenes, the carbon freezing chamber scene (in which he moved Han with Alan Flyng), and on the Executor, Corporal Derdram on the bridge of the Executor, and a Hoth Rebel Soldier during the evacuation scene of Echo Base!

Ralph reprised his role as a Stormtrooper in "Return of the Jedi." Upon Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine's arrival, Ralph was part of the Imperial Stormtrooper legion. On Endor, Ralph was one of the arresting Stormtroopers when Luke was captured. His last role (that appeared onscreen) was during the evacuation of the Second Death Star.

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